★ ★ ★ ★ ★
August 5, 2020
I was referred to Mrs. Corr by a firm for her prowess, and knowledge of the family law system. I can’t say I was disappointed in the least. Changes to the court system brought on by the Covid pandemic required court via Zoom conference. I had my apprehensions as this is uncharted territory for most counsel. Mrs. Corr was very prompt in her responses via email and telephone. I felt prepared on my day in court. The document portal was easy to use and provided prompt updates when action was necessary on my part. My intentions for outcome were favorable thankfully. I would credit that to Mrs. Corr’s ability to follow testimony, and accurately represent my interests. Days of court. Interruptions to session that carried over due to weather knocking out power. She did not miss a beat. I am impressed. Post trial motion for reconsideration was handled eloquently. The decision again was in our favor. I could not ask for any better work. I would cast my vote with my wallet again.

– Shawn

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
January 18, 2020
I was recommended to acquire Christina’s legal services from a business client about 7 years ago. I have utilized her for a divorce case, and for a personal lawsuit situation. I could not be happier with her commitment and dedication to my case! She kept communication lines open and was expedient in her response to my questions or concerns. Christina’s paralegal, Robin, is very pleasant and a true professional. I would highly recommend Christina Corr for your legal needs!

– Rebecca

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
September 17, 2019
I was very impressed with Ms. Corr when I met with her for my will and Power of Attorney documents. I felt comfortable working with her, knowing that she was taking care of these issues for me. She is very bright and a pleasure to be around. Her paralegal, Robin, is very helpful, as well. I felt that the fee is very reasonable. Thank you, Tina!

– Paula

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
August 27, 2019
I had an opportunity to move on to a better employment situation. My employer at the time owed me a substantial commission payout and decided to try and withhold compensation. I tried to handle the situation on my own hoping my employer would be fair but it became obvious this was not going to be the case. I contacted Tina and explained the situation. I am always impressed with her legal advice and logic. Tina said she would draft a letter and that would be our first step in the process. Shortly after that conversation I received a check for the compensation that was owed. It was a very simple and effective resolution to a process that up to that point had been extremely frustrating.

– Brandon J., Former Client

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Excellent – knowledgeable, caring, and attentive
July 31, 2019
Ms. Corr was very attentive and sensitive to my legal needs. She was thorough, and she took on my case quickly and efficiently. The most important thing to know about Ms. Corr is her understanding of custody laws and her ability to provide guidance for parents to make the best decisions for their children, based on the court. She knows how to deescalate tense situations, and she guided me to make logical decisions, which will benefit me long term. She has a great understanding of judges within the county, and she used this understanding to help me make the best decisions possible for my situation. I would recommend Ms. Corr for any case! She truly cares!

– MG

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
HIGHLY Recommend
June 3, 2019
I’ve been entrenched in the ugly situation of trying to get divorced for almost 21 months now. The opposing side has been horrifically difficult, and done everything in their power to drag this out as long as possible. This is my first (and hopefully last) divorce, and the most difficult situation I’ve been up against in my life thus far. Fortunately for me, Christina Corr was given my case by the office I originally hired. It was not until then, that real progress was made. In EVERY instance, she has been prompt to answer and explain my many questions, and has moved through the red tape as quick as possible. Thankfully, I am Finally nearing the end of this difficult saga, and cannot be more thankful for being blessed with the attorney I have. I view Christina Corr as my friend and guide through this strenuous journey, and could not recommend her any higher.

– Simon

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Christina Corr — Excellent Attorney
June 12, 2019
“Christina is the consummate professional. She is knowledgeable, intelligent, coupled with compassion and understanding. I have always felt she had my best interest in her representation. She made the divorce process as painless as possible. I highly recommend Christina. I cannot thank her enough!”

– Claudia

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Christina Corr Two Thumbs UP!
June 5, 2019
I engaged Christina Corr to represent me in a custody issue where I had custody of two young children and in the best interest of the children I agreed to support the custody petition for the kids’ by their aunt and uncle. The complication was the biological mother decided she would not agree to the change. Neither biologic parent was in a position to care for these kids. Christina was clear that while the courts are supposed to rule in the best interest of the kids, they have been occasions when they give great deference to the biologic parent(s). There were also other circumstances that might negatively influence the custody petition of the aunt & uncle. Christina recommended that I petition that if the custody would not be given to the aunt & uncle that custody would remain with me.

Working cooperatively with the other two lawyers involved in this custody matter, custody was awarded to the aunt & uncle, and Christina insured that the agreement addressed that because of my involvement & commitment to the welfare of the kids, I should remain involved in the lives of the children.
I found her to be honest, hardworking, and fair.

– Kathy